NEA Announces Transformative Initiatives

Posted on January 28, 2014

Last week National Education Association (NEA) President Dennis VanRoekel announced a series of initiatives which mark a significant milestone in NEA’s history which will directly and indirectly impact education in your state or locality.

He described the transformation the country’s largest union is going through to prepare the next generation of teacher and educator leaders and create concrete solutions for our nation’s public school students. While these efforts are far-reaching, they share a common thread – leadership, partnerships, and investment:

  • Greater investments, including a new Great Public Schools (GPS) Fund that will invest more than $60 million over the next ten years in educators’ innovative ideas that drive their students to succeed and bring the joy of teaching and learning back into the classroom.
  • Enhanced leadership development, overhauling NEA’s approach to ensure that a new generation of educator leaders sustains the infusion and focus on the union’s role and responsibility to ensure high quality professionals and professional practice;
  • Stronger partnerships with parents, the community, and organizations that share the belief that public education is important to the economic prosperity and the democratic values of our country.

Much more detail is available at If you have any questions or ideas about ways that we can partner on education issues, please contact my assistant Michael Weiss at We’d love to work with you!