Keep Bosses Out, Ten Policy Myths, Take On Hate and More

Posted on December 10, 2015

Keep Bosses Out of the Bedroom Act: Employees should be judged by their performance at work, without regard to their personal, private health care decisions. Yet, in recent years there have been a number of bosses retaliating against employees for their reproductive health care decisions. The Keep Bosses Out of the Bedroom Act would prohibit employers from taking an adverse action against an employee based on the employee’s reproductive health decisions.

Can we talk about Assault Weapons? We all know that some guns should be banned or severely restricted. What about assault weapons like the AR-15 used to murder 14 in San Bernardino? There is more reason to ban this weapon than almost any other. Read why on IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Ten myths that drive the enactment of failed policies, and how to separate fact from fiction: Wednesday, December 16 @3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific. State and local governments are often trumpeted for policy innovation and expertise. Yet the reality is that, more often than not, they repeatedly enact failed policies that past research shows do not work. Professor David Schultz of Hamline University and the Minnesota School of Law will describe ten myths that have driven the enactment of failed policies and explain how to separate fact from fiction. Register for the webinar here.

“Take On Hate” Pledge: Welcoming Michigan and Take On Hate have launched a pledge campaign to show support for the state’s diversity, stand up for the values of equality and dignity, welcome refugees and immigrants, and condemn threats against them. You might consider this strategy in your own jurisdiction.

COMING VERY SOON—A Playbook for Abortion Rights! With 27 model bills and 2 model resolutions, our new Playbook for Abortion Rights will be a unique resource for both state and local policymakers. Click here for the Table of Contents with bill descriptions.

Latest Compendium of State and Local Legislation in 2015: What’s happened in 2015? Read about it in our Compendium. If you have additions to suggest, please contact