Internet Privacy Protection, Build a Policy Coalition, Effective Advocacy and More

Posted on April 13, 2017

Internet Privacy Protection Act: Conservatives in Washington recently overturned a Federal Communications Commission rule that was designed to stop Internet service providers (ISPs) from selling their customers’ browsing histories and other private information. Legislators in several states, including Maryland and Minnesota, have fought back with their own legislation. To do the same, see our model Internet Privacy Protection Act.

Build your policy coalition: Neither legislators nor progressive advocacy groups can pass major legislation all by themselves. And you’re not likely to make a big difference with “the usual suspects,” your circle of close friends. A serious legislative campaign has to recruit unexpected partners from business, labor, professional associations and faith groups. For some practical ideas see the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Resisting with a Vision: Working to Restore Abortion Coverage: Wednesday, April 19 at 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific. 2017 brought seismic shifts to D.C., but abortion advocates and champions have been working in a hostile climate for years. The Hyde Amendment has long been considered controversial, and yet reproductive justice activists using bold, visionary strategies have rapidly changed the culture around Hyde. Experts from All* Above All and the Center for Reproductive Rights will describe the state of abortion coverage in the current climate, provide examples of how you can fight back, and present winning communications strategies around this issue. To register, click here.

Great short video—Six Steps for Effective Advocacy: An IdeaLog column published six weeks ago explained a multi-year advocacy strategy that has been proven to work. A brand-new 2-minute video explains the same thing. Watch the Six Steps for Effective Advocacy.

New resource on charter schools and vouchers: The Network for Public Education has just published a terrific set of 13 fact sheets making and answering arguments about charter schools and vouchers.

PLI’s Repro Rights Report: So far in 2017, 111 proactive abortion-out-loud bills have been introduced in 31 states and four localities, including the District of Columbia. Check out all the details in our latest Repro Rights Report.