Ten Modest Bills, Restorative Justice, Webinar Archive and More

Posted on December 20, 2017

Fair Share Employer Disclosure Act: Too often, employers pay wages so low that their workers need government assistance to make ends meet. The Fair Share Employer Disclosure Act, based on legislation in California and Massachusetts, directs the state to publish a list of the 50 employers with the highest number of workers who receive public assistance so that policymakers and the public can get a clearer understanding of the problem.

Ten modest model bills: Looking for good policies to sponsor in the coming legislative sessions? Our new Progressive Agenda for States & Localities focuses on 50 legislative policies. We discuss ten of those models that could draw bipartisan support in the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Watch our past webinars at your leisure: Since we’re on a holiday break (and we hope you are too), the next PLI webinar will be Wednesday, January 10 @3pm Eastern. In the meantime, you can watch 25 of our most recent webinars on the PLI website by clicking here. Happy Holidays!

Tutorial on Restorative Justice: Restorative justice emphasizes repairing harm caused by criminal behavior through a cooperative process that includes all stakeholders. To learn more, see the Tutorial on Restorative Justice from the Centre for Justice & Reconciliation.

Entertaining poll about Christmas and Trump: Only 30 percent of Americans think Trump is on Santa’s nice list, 57 percent say he’s on the naughty list. By about 50-to-40 percent, people believe Trump is meaner than both the Grinch and Scrooge, according to Public Policy Polling.

New Progressive Agenda for 2018: If you are looking for great legislation to sponsor in 2018, check out our brand-new Progressive Agenda for States & Localities which features 50 model bills and hyperlinks to 150 others.