Nondisclosure Agreements, “Opioid” Debate, Hacker Attacks and More

Posted on April 25, 2018

Limiting Sexual Harassment Clauses in Nondisclosure Agreements Act: Nondisclosure agreements are common and now many companies are explicitly prohibiting employees from making critical comments that could harm the company’s or an executive’s reputation, including complaints about sexual offenses or harassment. The Limiting Sexual Harassment Clauses in Nondisclosure Agreements Act is based on a law just enacted in Washington.

The hypocrisy of the opioid debate: For the past half-century, conservatives have used the “war on drugs” as a white-against-black rallying cry. Now conservatives talk about “opioids” instead of addicts and blame drug prescribers instead of users. Is this new language because today’s problem is about prescription medicines? No it is not, as explained in the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Watch our past webinars at your leisure: Since we’re going to be at a conference when we usually present our webinar, we will delay the next PLI webinar until Wednesday, May 16 @3pm Eastern. In the meantime, you can watch 28 of our most recent webinars—about a variety of issues and communications strategies—on the PLI website by clicking here.

How Hackers Could Cause Chaos on America’s Roads and Railways: Hackers struck the Colorado Department of Transportation in a ransomware attack in February, causing the state to shut down 2,000 computers. But it could have been worse. Hackers could “play with our trains, traffic signals, and variable message boards.” Read the Pew Charitable Trusts article about it.

Infrastructure Super Map: This interactive map from the American Society of Civil Engineers allows you to compare your state’s infrastructure problems to those of other states across 19 categories.

Repro Rights Report: There have been some key proactive abortion rights victories in 2018. Our latest edition of the Repro Rights Report describes them.