3D Printed Guns, Drowning the Dream, Talking about Government and More

Posted on September 26, 2018

Protection from 3D Printed Guns Act: A Texas company made an agreement with the federal government allowing it to make plans for 3D printed guns available on the Internet. Although a federal court has since issued a restraining order, it’s just a matter of time before 3D printed guns can be created easily and inexpensively. States and localities with authority to do so should enact legislation such as the Protection from 3D Printed Guns Act.

Drowning the American Dream: Average Americans suffer from stagnant wages, job insecurity, meager assets, troubling debt, and all-too-often depression, addiction and ill health. Life seems to be sinking, like swimmers being pulled down by the undertow. Claims of a strong national economy are simply not part of their reality. How should progressives discuss the issue? Read the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Voicing Our Values—How to Talk About Government: This is the eighth segment of our podcast series, which you can listen to at your convenience. It explains messages and narratives you should use when you’re talking about government, and its programs and services. To listen to or download the podcast, click here.

2018 City Fiscal Conditions report: The National League of Cities just published their annual report about municipal finances across the nation. In short, revenues (sales, property and income taxes) are going down while expenses are going up.

Construction of apartments is increasing at a record pace: The number of new large apartment buildings increased at the largest rate since 1972, based on U.S. Census Bureau figures, according to Pew Stateline. Two-thirds of these units are in the South and West while the one-year growth rate was highest in the Northeast.

PLI’s messaging guide is popular on Amazon: PLI’s Voicing Our Values: A message guide for policymakers and advocates has been particularly popular over the past several months both as a book available on Amazon and as a PDF download on our website.