Abortion Rights Victories, Limiting Standardized Tests, Message Framing and More

Posted on June 5, 2019

Too Young to Test Act: Given their age, skills and abilities, it is developmentally inappropriate to administer standardized tests to students in prekindergarten through grade two, unless it is necessary for diagnostic screening. In recognition of the current season of coast-to-coast over-testing, consider sponsoring the Too Young to Test Act.

Don’t repeat the opponents’ frame: In his book Don’t Think of an Elephant, Professor George Lakoff provides the most basic principle of framing: “Don’t use their language. Their language picks out a frame—and it won’t be the frame you want.” He’s absolutely right. But in addition, go beyond the words and reframe the ideas; change the debate to something larger or more crucial where progressives hold the advantage. For more, read the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Watch 29 different webinars on the PLI site: Watch webinars on messaging, advocacy, popular legislation, and specific policies like paid sick days, gun violence prevention, health insurance expansion, Internet privacy, reproductive rights, and much more. To peruse our webinars, click here.

Washington State creates a model for police deescalating violent situations: Thanks to the passage of a ballot initiative, police in Washington are required to become trained in de-escalation techniques to prevent deadly interactions between police and residents. Shouldn’t every jurisdiction with a police force follow Washington’s lead?

Palliative Care Beyond Hospice Is Spreading to More States: Maryland became the first state, in 2017, to require all hospitals with more than 50 beds to provide palliative care services. According to a Pew Stateline column, states are also increasingly covering palliative care through their Medicaid plans.

Proactive abortion rights battles and victories: There have now been more proactive abortion rights bills introduced in 2019 than in any prior year. Our latest Repro Rights Report lists the 145 bills and highlights 19 that passed at least one house.