Rules of Persuasion, Protecting Immigrants, Gender Equity and More

Posted on August 28, 2019

Immigrant Tenant Protection Act: Based on a new law enacted in Illinois, the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act prohibits a landlord from disclosing or threatening to disclose, or attempting eviction, based on a tenant’s immigration status.

What is message framing, anyway? The Public Leadership Institute talks a lot about framing, but what does that mean? Here we try to simplify the concept—reframe framing, if you will. Read about it, including examples throughout history, in the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

New Podcast: A Thumbnail Version of the Three Rules of Persuasion: The three rules are (1) start and stay in agreement; (2) use progressive values; and (3) show your audience how they benefit. Listen to the new podcast here—this one is only 13 minutes long.

States with the fewest unauthorized immigrants hate them the most: See this fascinating map from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities which shows which states have the lowest percentages of unauthorized immigrants. Not coincidentally, since residents of these places don’t tend to know immigrants personally, they are the most upset about them.

State Playbook for Gender Equity: The National Women’s Law Center has an excellent resource for lawmakers and advocates to fight against gender-based discrimination in states, a Playbook for Gender Equity.

New edition of Voicing Our Values: We invite you to read our new Fourth Edition of Voicing Our Values: a message guide for policymakers and advocates. Download a PDF copy here!