Update about 2024 ballot initiatives

Posted on April 16, 2024

Here are the eleven states where abortion rights ballot initiatives will probably be on the ballot in November 2024:


Arizona for Abortion Access is gathering signatures for a ballot measure to make abortion a constitutional right. The Arizona Supreme Court recently upheld an 1864 territorial law that bans and criminalizes almost all abortions. The campaign must submit 383,923 valid signatures by July 3 and the coalition has already gathered more than enough.


Arkansans for Limited Government is gathering signatures that would keep the state from restricting abortion within the first 18 weeks. Current state law totally bans abortion. The group must submit 90,704 valid signatures by July 5 and probably will.


Coloradans for Protecting Reproductive Freedom is gathering signatures for a measure to guarantee the right to abortion and allow insurance coverage of abortion. (A group called Colorado Life Initiative might get sufficient signatures to propose a total ban on abortion.) An initiative requires 124,238 valid signatures and the abortion rights coalition has already collected 225,000 signatures statewide.


Floridians Protecting Freedom is leading an effort to place in the state constitution a right to abortion until viability. The state Supreme Court ruled in April that the state’s constitution does not protect abortion rights and a six-week ban will soon take effect. Abortion rights advocates have gathered their signatures and the Supreme Court ruled it can go on the November ballot.


The state legislature put a constitutional right to abortion on the November ballot. Right to Reproductive Freedom initiative is campaigning for it.


Missourians for Constitutional Freedom is leading the effort for an abortion rights initiative. The group must submit at least 171,592 valid signatures by May 5.


Montanans Securing Reproductive Rights is leading the fight for an abortion rights initiative. In April, the Montana Supreme Court approved language for the measure and the advocates must submit 60,359 valid signatures by July 19.


Protect Our Rights proposes a constitutional amendment to protect the right to abortion until fetal viability, and has until July to collect signatures. (A somewhat antiabortion coalition seeks an amendment that would allow abortion only in the first trimester.)


Nevadans for Reproductive Freedom is pushing for an abortion rights constitutional amendment. This effort is a bit complicated and currently tied up in court, but advocates are hopeful of winning on appeal. The campaign must submit 102,362 valid signatures by June 26.

New York

The state legislature placed an abortion rights constitutional amendment on the November ballot. It adds language to the state’s Equal Rights Amendment.

South Dakota

Dakotans for Health is proposing a ballot measure that would protect first-trimester abortions. This one, which requires 35,017 signatures by May 7, is probably the least likely of these to make it onto the ballot. We’ll soon see.