Ban the Box Models

The National Employment Law Project has a comprehensive booklet providing a wide variety of Ban the Box models, available HERE.

Here is just one of the models from that booklet:


Sec. 1 . Definitions

“Adverse action” means to refuse to hire, to not promote, to discharge a person, or to revoke an applicant’s conditional offer of employment.

“Applicant” means any person considered for, or who requests to be considered for, employment or any employee considered for, or who requests to be considered for, another employment position, by the employer.

“Awarding authority” means any department, agency, or office of the City that authorizes a vendor to provide requested goods and/or perform services.

“City” means the City, department, agency, or office thereof.

“Employer” means the City; [IF APPLYING TO PRIVATE EMPLOYERS, THEN INCLUDE:] any person regularly employing five or more persons; any person acting as an agent of an employer, directly or indirectly; or any person undertaking for compensation to procure employees or opportunities for employment .

“Employment” means any occupation, vocation, job, or work for pay, including temporary or seasonal work, contracted work, contingent work and work through the services of a temporary or other employment agency; or any form of vocational or educational training with or without pay.

“Vendor” means any vendor, contractor, or supplier of goods or services to the City.

Sec. 2. Considering Conviction History in Employment Decisions

1 . Identifying position as requiring background check. The employer shall not conduct background checks on applicants unless the employer has made a good faith determination that the relevant position is of such sensitivity that a background check is warranted or if a background check is required by law.