Politics is the art of persuasion. But persuasion is getting harder as facts are rationalized away and lies become ubiquitous. Unfortunately, facts and logical arguments, by themselves, are not enough. You need to start from a point of agreement, declare your progressive values, and show listeners how they benefit.

Voicing Our Values shows you how to do that on a very wide range of issues. And throughout the book, we suggest language that illustrates how to apply our advice. After you understand the reasoning behind our recommendations, we encourage you to adapt the proposed narratives to your own voice, fully integrating it with knowledge and experience you bring to any issue.



How (and Why) to Use This Book

SECTION ONE: How to Persuade

1. The Science of Persuasion
2. The Elements of Persuasion

SECTION TWO: How to Talk About Economic Fairness

3. America’s Economic Problem
4. The Radical Right’s Narrative
5. The Progressive Narrative

SECTION THREE: How to Talk About Progressive Policies

6. Civil Rights & Liberties
7. Consumer Protection
8. Education
9. Environment & Smart Growth
10. Government Performance
11. Health
12. Public Safety
13. Reproductive Rights
14. Social Services
15. Taxation
16. Voting & Elections
17. Wages & Benefits

SECTION FOUR: How to Talk About Values

18. Progressive Values & Philosophy
19. Values-Based Progressive Economics
20. Declaration of Progressive Values


How to Answer Twenty Tough Questions