The 100th Edition of the PLI Bulletin

Posted on February 1, 2017

Presidential Candidate Tax Return Disclosure Act: States decide the minimum qualifications for whether a candidate can appear on the ballot. Obviously, it is essential for presidential and vice-presidential candidates to make their tax returns public, with some limited portions redacted. The Presidential Candidate Tax Return Disclosure Act, based on SB 247 in Pennsylvania, would require such disclosure.

Six reasons why advocates should champion proactive legislation: Advocates should champion proactive legislation, even when the policy is ambitious, the legislative body is conservative, or that particular government has little policymaking power, to: #1) Educate lawmakers; #2) Get news coverage; #3) Frame the issue; #4) Force lawmakers to take a position; #5) Organize and build grassroots support; and #6) Use it in future elections. For the detail, read IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

How to communicate about science, the environment and climate change: Thursday, February 9 at 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, Noon Pacific. You should expect to be debating science deniers soon, not just about climate change, but about any environmental issue from the impacts of real estate development to lead in water. How do you win that debate? Come hear Aaron Huertes, a consultant and expert on communications about science. To register, click here.

States and localities introduce PLI Obamacare legislation: Both states and localities (including the State of Maryland and Oakland County, Michigan) are introducing PLI’s Health Care for All Assessment Act, which creates a commission to publicize the problems of federal repeal of the Affordable Care Act and recommend how the jurisdiction might help residents who will likely lose health insurance. You can introduce it too!

Sanctuary State legislation: Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar is introducing legislation to prevent the state from providing race or ethnic identity data to the federal government for “any unconstitutional purpose,” including for a registry based on religion, ethnicity, national origin or immigration status. In the same vein, California is considering a bill to prohibit local law enforcement agencies from assisting in deportations, which would make the whole state a sanctuary.

This is the 100th Edition of the PLI Bulletin: Started in February 2013, the goal of the PLI Bulletin is to be short and practical. Please feel free to suggest topics for model legislation, IdeaLog, a webinar, or resources from other progressive organizations.