Social Work, Social Media, Safe Leave and More

Posted on May 29, 2024

Social Work Licensure Compact: Clinical social workers are licensed by state, so when a patient moves out of state, the social worker can’t continue therapy. The Social Work Licensure Compact would allow interstate practice. So far, 14 states have joined the Compact.

Avoid three common mistakes in persuasion: They are, (1) don’t repeat your opponent’s frame; (2) don’t accept a both-sides or passive frame; and (3) don’t talk to persuadables the way we talk to our base. For detail, see the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Can public officials block people on social media? The answer is, it depends on the circumstances. Listen to this discussion of free speech and social media on the Gov Love podcast.

The State of Safe Leave: Cities and states are increasingly allowing workers time off to deal with the impacts of sexual and domestic violence. The Center for American Progress has a new report.

Only 1-in-4 Americans think it’s very important to get a college degree: The Pew Research Center offers new polling about whether or when Americans think college is worthwhile.

Five logical fallacies used in debate: We’ve gotten so used to hearing bald-faced political lies that perhaps we have become a little less able to recognize rhetorical tricks. A chapter in Voicing Our Values explains how to rebut those arguments.