Food Prices, Police, The Virus of Racism and More

Posted on June 4, 2020

Fair Prices for Food Delivery Act: In many cases, excessive charges for food delivery by Internet-based services are killing local restaurants. The Fair Prices for Food Delivery Act prevents third-party food delivery platforms from charging a fee in excess of 15 percent of the restaurant’s purchase price during the current public health emergency.

The virus of racism: A column by Ohio House Minority Leader Emelia Strong Sykes; we encourage you to re-post it. As a country, we have two viruses that are disproportionately killing Black people right now: the coronavirus and racism… Racism is real. It’s the biggest health crisis the citizens of this state face. The institutional racism in our society and the trauma it causes is not okay, and it must be recognized. For more, read the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

The Systems That Protect the Police: The Minneapolis police officer who caused George Floyd’s death had a long record of complaints against him. This New York Times podcast explains why he was still on patrol and why police across the country are rarely disciplined for excessive force.

COVID-19 State Policy Report: The National Law Journal has created a very useful page that lists all the COVID-19 laws and executive orders in each state, with hyperlinks to original documents.

COVID-19 Policies to Protect People and Communities: The Urban Institute has published a directory that links to articles about dozens of state and local policies which relate to the pandemic.

COVID-19 Resources page on our PLI website: This page provides hyperlinks to a variety of bills, resolutions, columns and reports to help you deal with the pandemic. The COVID-19 Resources page is here.