Moon Suit Narcissism, Hate Crimes, MeToo Reforms and More

Posted on October 7, 2020

Hate Crimes Prevention Act: Since the 2016 election, we have seen a wave of violence and threats against anyone who disagrees with the radical right. At present, 45 states have some version of a Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Our model helps ensure that your jurisdiction protects the full range of hate crimes targets and includes civil litigation. Uniquely, our model covers hate crimes against abortion providers and patients, and against immigrants.

Right wing “moon suit” narcissism: Recently, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), one of three Senators who’ve tested positive for COVID-19, said he would go to the Capitol “in a moon suit” to vote for Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. This is emblematic of the right wing’s do-anything-for-power tactics, as discussed in the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

How local governments should respond to financial crisis: This podcast, sponsored by Engaging Local Government Leaders (GovLove), discusses how to prepare for and deal with financial crisis.

2020 Progress Update on MeToo Workplace Reforms in the States: Three years after #MeToo went viral, legislatures have been enacting dozens of new protections. This report from the National Women’s Law Center describes progress in 2020.

Recent state policy updates on abortion rights: The Guttmacher Institute tracks and analyzes state policy changes on a broad range of reproductive rights. They’ve just published abortion rights updates for 2020.

How to talk about the issue of public safety: Conservative attacks over “law and order” raise the question of how progressives should talk about public safety. Are you using the best messaging? Read this chapter from PLI’s messaging guide.