Election Deniers, Corporate Diversity, Resolution Strategy and More

Posted on June 16, 2021

Corporate Diverse Representation Act: Corporate boards are usually dominated by white males. The Corporate Diverse Representation Act requires publicly held companies with their principal executive office located in the state to have both female representation and representation from a racial, ethnic or LGBT minority.

Call them “deniers”: This column argues for message framing around the words “election deniers, vaccine deniers, climate deniers, insurrection deniers,” etc. For more detail, and to explain why, read the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

It’s not a labor shortage, it’s a wage shortage: Economic Policy Institute economist Heidi Shierholz explains why UI and stimulus payments aren’t causing a “labor shortage,” and why this made-up problem is so clear. You can listen here.

Internet Ads Are a Popular Tax Target for Both Parties: Eleven states now tax digital ads or the sale of personal data, including progressive states like Washington, Oregon and New York as well as conservatives states like Texas, Arkansas and West Virginia, a Pew Stateline article explains.

Disputing Racism’s Reach: At the state and local levels all over the country, and especially in schools, conservatives are trying to block discussions about racism, reports the New York Times.

How to use a resolution strategy: A resolution strategy is based around the creation of a document for organizations and individuals to endorse a specific policy before that policy is crafted into legislation. Chapter 8 of our advocacy book, Preparing to Win, explains how to do that.