Gun Policy, Voter Suppression, Police Reform and More

Posted on June 1, 2022

Salary History Anti-Discrimination Act: Both cities and states are banning employers from requesting a prospective employee’s salary history. The reason is that salary history unjustifiably perpetuates wage discrimination, most often against women and people of color. Salary history has no relationship to a fair wage, so consider introducing the Salary History Anti-Discrimination Act.

How to talk about gun policy: In just two weeks, we have seen two massacres where 31 innocent people were killed by gunmen who were both male, 18-years-old, and using AR-15 assault weapons. It’s time to speak out, but how do we speak persuasively? Read the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

How Voter Suppression is Destroying Our Democracy: Carol Anderson, the author of One Person, No Vote was interviewed on the NPR Politics Podcast. Click here to listen.

Report on Police Reform and Racial Justice: The right-wing spin is that police reform is dead. But it’s desperately needed. A report from the U.S. Conference of Mayors lays out what we can and must do.

Our Story—the hub for American narratives: This excellent website helps policymakers and advocacy groups craft powerful narratives on a dozen key issues, including health care, climate change, racial justice, immigration, democracy, education and more.

More than 200 model bills: Public Leadership Institute’s library of model bills covers wide-ranging topics from civil rights, public safety and the environment to health, education and reproductive rights.