Cyber Preparedness, Transit Ridership, New Model Bills and More

Posted on January 11, 2023

Agency Cyber Preparedness Act: Local governments and their agencies are currently the entities most under cyberattack in the U.S. The Agency Cyber Preparedness Act creates a state office of cybersecurity and directs it to work with local governments to establish and implement standards for the security of all information and information systems.

Five new model bills for 2023: PLI’s 2023 Progressive Agenda for the States & Localities recommends 50 bills for this year, many of them brand new. For a description of five innovative model bills on a variety of subjects, see the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

The Political Life: This is an interesting weekly show about the people whose lives are immersed in politics: officeholders, lobbyists, pollsters and policy experts. The Political Life is here.

Commuter Ridership Is Disappearing. Can Mass Transit Adapt? In many cities, telecommuting has led to a sharp decline in transit ridership. As explained in Governing Magazine, public transit agencies need to rethink schedules and fares, perhaps eliminating bus fares as Washington, D.C. is doing.

Fifteen significant poll findings from the past year: 41 percent of Americans say in a typical week they pay nothing in cash. A fast-growing portion of adults, now 33 percent, are getting news from TikTok. 71 percent say their community experienced extreme weather and 8-in-10 of them believe that climate change played a role. Nearly half of teens say they use the Internet “almost constantly.” For this and more, see Pew Research.

2023 Progressive Agenda for States & Localities is here: The latest edition of the Progressive Agenda highlights 50 model bills and hyperlinks to more than 200 models. You can download a PDF with hyperlinks built-in, or read it online in HTML text.