Eyeglasses, Right-to-Repair, Freedom and More

Posted on May 3, 2023

Vision for Education Act: About 20 percent of schoolchildren need glasses but only about five to eight percent have them. The Vision for Education Act requires that K-12 students receive an eyesight screening and, if needed, an eye examination and eyeglasses.

The battle cry of freedom: It is time for us all to follow some message framing advice from President Biden – we should explicitly defend American “freedom.” Don’t be afraid to use the word; it is the strongest argument we have right now. For more, see the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Lessons from the Reimagine Rural podcast: This column discusses and links to the Brookings Reimagine Rural podcast, a series of ten podcasts about rural policy and development.

States’ Push to Protect Kids Online Could Remake the Internet: In recent years, at least six states enacted and 20 more considered legislation to restrict minors’ access to Internet sites, the New York Times reported. Utah and Arkansas laws would require social media apps to verity their users’ ages and obtain parental consent. But is this legally permissible?

Why ‘right to repair’ could be the next big political movement: In the Washington Post, Paul Waldman reports that Colorado just enacted a right-to-repair law for agricultural equipment and that other types of right-to-repair measures involving cars, electronics, appliances, and other products have been introduced in 28 states.

A better understanding of “freedom”: Voicing Our Values, chapter 5, explains how to understand and use the value of freedom, and how it fits into a broader progressive political philosophy.