D.C. crime levels and rates

The truth about District of Columbia crime and crime rates is hiding in plain sight. On January 3, the Metropolitan Police Department posted year-end data for last year on this page. The rest of their crime data, going back to 1961, are inside MPD’s annual reports on this page.

The MPD data show that from 2021 to 2022, violent crime decreased by 7 percent, mostly because of a 17 percent decrease in assaults with a deadly weapon. Property crime also decreased 3 percent. That’s good news.

But what are exceptional and historic are plummeting incidents of crime and crime rates. Violent crime is down 40 percent since 2015, 52 percent since 2007, and 77 percent since 1993. Most astonishing: the numbers and rates of violent crime in D.C. are lower today than they’ve been in every prior year going back more than a half-century—since the 1960s!

Full spreadsheet

For a PDF listing all available totals and rates for violent crime, property crime, “index” (total) crimes and homicides from 1961 through 2022, click here. For an Excel spreadsheet of the same data but also including hyperlinks to the individual source documents, click here.

Graphs for 1992-2022

For a PDF listing numbers of violent crimes, 1992-2022, with a graph, click here. For a PDF listing rates of violent crimes, 1992-2022, with a graph, click here.

Comparing violent crimes

For a PDF spreadsheet comparing specific violent crime numbers (homicide, sex assault, assault with a dangerous weapon, robbery), 1989-2022, click here.

National crime rate graph for 1993-2021

The decline in D.C. crime is quite similar to the national trend. For a PDF showing historical data from the National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, with a graph, click here.