PLI work praised on the Katie Speak Show

Posted on July 24, 2017

Fighting Back At The Texas Legislature: A Conversation With Katie Klabusich by Kit O’Connell

[This is a description of part of the show. The entire podcast version is here.]

Then, the show’s host, Katie Klabusich, and I [journalist Kit O’Connell] discussed the special session of the Legislature, which began last week, and the strategies Governor Greg Abbott is using to try to force through a raft of unpopular, inhumane laws. On the agenda during the next month are abortionaccess, transgender rights, the ability of unions to collect dues, even cities’ ability to protect historic trees from development.

At the same time, about three dozen nonprofits and activist groups have combined to form the One Texas Resistance coalition, in an effort to pool their efforts at resistance together and highlight the intersectionality of their diverse issues, from climate change to the rights of Latinx Texans. Last week’s highly publicized quinceañera protest was organized by Jolt, a member of the coalition. These tactics, and their successes or failures, can likely serve as a model for the rest of the country which is also controlled by the power hungry and bigoted GOP.

We also touched on the work of Aimee Arrambide who, as part of the Public Leadership Institute, is working to create model legislation to protect reproductive healthcare. Countering the work of think tanks like ALEC or Americans United for Life, these bills would help create a positive cultural and legislative atmosphere around abortion. Even when they don’t pass, these bills can help change people’s attitudes and pave the way for future progress.



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