Anti-abortion website features PLI

Posted on March 21, 2019

The anti-abortion “news” website LibertyNation published a column attacking legislation in Maine that would allow duly-qualified advanced practice clinicians (APCs) to perform certain abortions, as allowed in other states.

The column continues as follows:

The Maine bill is startlingly in step with a targeted progressive effort known as “abortion out loud” legislation. The website Rewire News in 2017 interviewed Aimee Z. Arrambide, program manager and reproductive rights policy specialist at the Public Leadership Institute (PLI). This organization in Washington, D.C., is devoted to supporting abortion and somehow calls itself “nonpartisan” even as it posts a large “Progressive Agenda” tab on its website.

Arrambide proudly stated at the time that 30 states and four localities, such as the District of Columbia, had pending “abortion out loud” bills. The institute touted its “Playbook for Abortion Rights,” which PLI President Gloria Totten said constituted a “new strategic initiative to promote a bold, proactive reproductive rights and justice strategy at the state and local levels,” according to Rewire. The institute sent its playbook to legislators in all 50 states.

To read the Playbook bills that empower APCs, see the Qualified Providers of Abortion Act and the Access to Medication Abortion Act.