Nationalists and Populists, Ransomware, Racial Impacts and More

Posted on July 14, 2021

Racial Impact Statements Act: Nine states have developed methods for lawmakers to consider the impact of pending legislation on historically disadvantaged populations. The Racial Impact Statements Act creates such a procedure for state or local legislative bodies.

Don’t say nationalist, populist or authoritarian: Political labels tell a story about politicians or constituent groups. Unfortunately, the media and even progressive activists often use the wrong label. The audience, as a result, gets the story wrong. To understand what we should and should not say, read the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Protect your government agencies from ransomware: Our state and local governments and their individual agencies must act now to prevent ransomware attacks. A Washington Post podcast explains ransomware and how to protect against it. You can listen here.

2021 Already the Worst Year Ever for U.S. Abortion Rights: According to a comprehensive review from the Guttmacher Institute, more abortion restrictions – 90 – have already been enacted in 2021 than in any year since Roe v. Wade.

Sharp drop in white evangelical Protestants: The Pew Religion and Public Life Survey documents that Americans who identify as white evangelical Protestants dropped from 23 percent in 2006 to 14.5 percent in 2020. At the same time, the percentage of Americans who say they are not affiliated with any church or denomination rose from 16 to 23.3 percent. Young adults lead both trends.

How to manage time and money in a political or policy campaign: Progressive campaigns tend to waste resources by doing things the same old way, even when circumstances have changed. Chapter 3 of our advocacy bookPreparing to Win, explains how to re-think campaign planning.