Direct Mail, Storytelling, Mass Incarceration and More

Posted on March 23, 2022

Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Act: A surprisingly large number of Americans qualify for free or very low-cost health insurance and yet are unenrolled. The Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Act, proven successful in Maryland, creates a system to use information from state tax returns to help enroll the uninsured.

Top ten rules of direct mail: In a political or referendum campaign, you want to dominate the dominant medium. In most state and local contests, that medium is direct mail. How can you be most persuasive with mail? Read the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

The Power of Storytelling: We’ve all been urged to persuade by using fewer statistics and telling more stories. This NCSL podcast offers a professional storyteller who explains what you should do.

A chance for disarmament in the economic development subsidy wars: This story in Governing Magazine highlights efforts to stop jurisdictions from using subsidies to steal jobs from each other, including the Coalition to Phase Out Corporate Tax Giveaways. See also our PLI model Job Piracy Cease Fire Act.

Eight myths about mass incarceration: This report from the Prison Policy Initiative is a valuable discussion of numerous eye-opening issues about incarceration in America. It will help you understand what can and cannot be done successfully.

Build and use your volunteer base: This is a timely chapter from our PLI advocacy guide, Preparing to Win. Make volunteers more valuable with a “Ladder of Engagement.”