Common Mistakes, STAR Program, Calculated Insanity and More

Posted on April 6, 2022

Fair Minimum Wage Act: Nearly every progressive ought to be making the minimum wage a centerpiece of debate in 2022. An increase is always popular, and now more than ever it’s sorely needed since nearly one-third of American workers earn less than $15 an hour. See the Fair Minimum Wage Act.

Five most common mistakes in political persuasion: Progressive activists generally know how to talk to each other. That’s what we do every day! But the language and approaches we use with each other don’t work on persuadable Americans. For more about those mistakes, read the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

Fifteen PLI messaging podcasts: There are fifteen segments about messaging on the PLI website covering a wide range of issues from economics and civil rights to health care and public safety. Find them by clicking here.

Fox state and local coverage is nuts: You should be aware of the spin pitched at some of your residents. Look at the State and Local category on Fox. E.g., the story “Disney wants to share its radical sexual politics with your underage kids.” It’s calculated insanity.

Denver’s program to dispatch mental health teams instead of police is so successful it is expanding 5-fold: Since June 2020, the STAR program in Denver has sent behavioral health clinicians instead of police to handle over 2,200 calls. There are similar programs in OR, CA, WA and NM, where difficult situations are more easily deescalated, and people in mental health crisis get better care.

Manage your time and money: This is another timely chapter from our PLI advocacy guide, Preparing to Win. It’s an outline of how to raise money and spend it wisely.