Campaign Theme, Rx Cutbacks, Rightwing Language and More

Posted on July 13, 2022

Community Service Ombudsman Act: At the city, county and state levels, nonprofit organizations provide a great deal of the social services that residents need. The Community Service Ombudsman Act creates an office of ombudsman whose job is to help those nonprofits in their interactions with government, allowing them to provide more and better services.

What is a campaign theme, and have you got one? Whether you’re trying to win an election or pass legislation, your campaign needs a central message that is repeated over and over. It’s your theme. What makes a great theme and how do you integrate it into the campaign? Read the latest IdeaLog, our blog intended to raise eyebrows and engage minds.

How to Win a Campaign: This is a series of podcasts from progressive strategists Joe Fuld and Martin Diego Garcia. For new episodes every week covering both political and advocacy campaigns, click here.

How will the SCOTUS decision affect state and local climate efforts? The Supreme Court’s ruling that limits the EPA’s ability to enforce the Clean Air Act leaves states and localities as the best short-term avenues for addressing climate change, explains this Governing Magazine article.

Drug companies attacking the 340B program that serves low-income patients: Some hospitals and clinics that serve low-income patients are being forced to cut services because drug companies are scaling back or ending participation in the long-standing 340B program, according to a Pew Stateline report.

Don’t repeat right-wing language: Repeating their language, like “cancel culture,” fake news,”  “deep state,” or “grooming,” reinforces it. We’ve discussed this before: “Don’t say cancel culture or culture wars,” “Don’t say Nationalist or Populist,” and “Don’t say partisan or polarized.”